10 years by serving in innovation and development

10 years ago, in 29th of January, our company started its operation.
A lot of fun, some hard days, but finally we are happy to serve and support our customers.
Thanks for all of you to cooperate with us.

Keep in touch in the next 10 years!




Almost 7 years of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs...


Network Meeting of IOs, Brussels 20-21 September 2016.

The origins of jenever go back to the 13th century in Flanders


'Jenever', a strong spirit distilled from grain alcohol flavoured with juniper berries (Juniperus communis), is the ancestor of gin. 

Boosting the demand for innovation from the side of public actors


Public procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI) is a powerful tool to boost innovation. The public sector demands innovative solutions that are not yet available or not at large scale on the market and thus forces providers to innovate. PPI is well supported on EC level (i.e. H2020), there exist also various guidance and training tools already for few years. So far they didn't boost the PPI usage in majority of CE regions, because available tools are not customized to national frameworks and regional knowledge hubs are missing.

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